Designer pros – Spotlight on Vanessa Helmick

Vanessa Helmick, owner of Fiore Interiors, is a transplant from California, but she’s been here through a couple of winters, and I figure she’s seasoned by now.

If there’s one thing we’re good at here in Maine, it’s finding each other. I first met Vanessa at an Angela Adams Open House sponsored by the Maine Center for Creativity. Vanessa spoke that evening about incorporating the Adams wares into her clients’ space overhauls, and I liked her enthusiasm.

Vanessa is a go-getter. I invited her to visit the VoxPhotographs private gallery in Portland and she was over like a shot. Since then, she has successfully included VoxPhotographs in several design proposals for clients -from helping transplants connect with their new State through Maine Heritage images, and discover the extraordinary talent of Maine’s contemporary fine art photographic community. She included six works in her vestry and upstairs hallway in the Portland Symphony Orchestra 2011 Show House in Portland’s west end. I scratch my head over the fact that many of the interior designers I invite to the gallery never respond. Vanessa understood immediately that the thousands of contemporary, Maine Heritage and vintage photographs I have available would clearly enhance her value to her clients AND her design proposals.

Well, here we go again. Vanessa was accepted as the designer for the guest bedroom suite for the Kennebunk Show House that is opening on Saturday, June 23 . Again, we are honored to be included in her design concepts – and six contemporary works by Joe Muir, Jim Nickelson and Mary Woodman will be incorporated into the spaces for which she is responsible. Vanessa has a soft spot for photography – she grew up in the shadow of Yosemite and fell in love with Ansel Adams’ powerful work.

Little Sister©Joe Muir. All Rights Reserved. Kennebunk Show House featured work.

For Vanessa, Show House gigs aren’t hit-and-run. First, she knocks herself out pulling it together and puts in some long days to get it just right. Second, she actually works her spaces when the Show House is open for the public to tour and gets terrific results in the way of new clients, and sales of the items she is featuring.

Surf#55©Mary Woodman. All Rights Reserved. Kennebunk Show House featured work.

At VoxPhotographs, I work with some terrific corporate and residential design partners – see some of them here. Maine is a place where the usual professional barriers and fear of competition are minimal and there’s a real desire for partnering with other professionals. If you don’t make the word “collaboration” a big part of your business, you’re missing out on one of the best things Maine has to offer.

Nightfall, Otter Cliffs, Acadia©Jim Nickelson. All Rights Reserved. Kennebunk Show House featured work.

The Kennebunk Show house is the former Kenneth Roberts homestead – the famous novelist who based much of his best-selling historical fiction in the Kennebunk area. Talk about an opportunity to see a fabulous home and use this destination as the starting point for a jaunt to the Kennebunks. Check out the site and plan your trip. Say “Hi!” to Vanessa for us while you’re there.


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